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Vienna table trip

A journey through Vienna on the coffee house table, animated by Virgil Widrich on behalf of Vienna’s Staff Office International Strategy and Coordination.
"The coffee table is a microcosm of Vienna, because basically you do not need to leave the coffee house to travel once through the whole of Vienna. This idea eventually led to the idea of a miniature journey through the city, staged with saucers, cups, plates, knives, forks and souvenirs – garnished with projected memories and the many starters, main courses and desserts one can so often find here. (Virgil Widrich)


A 2016, short film, advertisement, DCP, 1:1,78, Dolby SR

Lenght: 1 min. 22. sec.


Written, directed and produced by: Virgil Widrich

Compositing and postproduction: Oleg Prodeus

Music and sound design: Siegfried Friedrich

Stop-motion animation: Eni Brandner

Props: Stefan Steiner

Color correction: Bernhard Schlick

Film research and technical consulting: Martin Reinhart

Studio: Andreas Margreiter, WUNDERWERK film gmbh: CMOCOS Motion

Control: Romano Ivanovic

Special thanks to: Bric à Brac Requisitenverleih, Verein Film Theater

© 2016 City of Vienna



Vienna table trip:

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