Lecture at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

Media technology 2013

In January 2013, Jens Bruder holds a lecture on media technology at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences.

Lecture at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

Planning an exhibition 2013

In January 2013, Virgil Widrich presents the topic of planning an exhibition to students studying interactive media, taking a project carried out by checkpointmedia as a case study.

Lecture by Markus Krottenhammer in the PinchukArtCentre, Ukraine

"Through the Marketing Looking Glass: Museum & Databases" 2012

Lecture by Markus Krottenhammer in the PinchukArtCentre, Kiev, Ukraine, on museums and databases.

checkpointmedia at the Institute of Higher Education, St. Pölten

Experts reveal how an exhibition is put together 2011

During the 2011/2012 winter term, checkpointmedia's interdisciplinary team of experts explained every aspect of planning an exhibition as part of the "Interactive Media" module for students taking the course in Media Technology.

The Organised World Theatre "90 Years of the Salzburg Festival"

Lecture Virgil Widrich 2010

2011/03/31: Virgil Widrich holds a lecture at the Joanneum College on designing and staging exhibitions for the course on Interaction and Media Design.

parameter{world} - parameters for every or no thing

Exhibition University of Applied Arts

The exhibition "parameter{world}" opens under the curatorship of Virgil Widrich

"Bezugssystem (dis)play" opens in the periscope, Projectspace Salzburg


Exhibiting means constructing a setting suffused by tension and forces in which artworks, space, visitors, light, colour, sound and text merge and interact.

Dreams of stylish living for Austrians in the 21st Century.


Seminar entitled: “Smart Home: more value, more profit, more comfort” by the Immobilien Magazin and checkpoint media, with the support of Vienna Chamber of Commerce, in the "Lounge of Commerce", Stubenring 8, Vienna.

G. Rihl: "Science / Culture: Multimedia"

Book presentation

Book presentation: 18 October 2007 in the Designforum MQ.
Creative Strategies for Knowledge Transfer Using Multimedia


Presentation of an intelligent apartment

Extensive press coverage of the "Smart Home" press conference

On 21.02.07 Stefan Unger (managing director, technology at checkpointmedia) and the architect Katharina Fröch presented an example of an "intelligent apartment" to the press.

Virgil Widrich at "we - workshops for entrepreneurs"

Multimedia workshop

Virgil Widrich presented the multimedia workshop for entrepreneurs in the creative industries in October 2006.

checkpointmedia at the exhibition "360° Design Austria"

designforumMQ, quartier 21

As a starting point for this exhibition, 36 leading Austrian design studios were pinpointed along an axis from Vienna to Vorarlberg from 28 June to 3 September 2006, checkpointmedia among them.

checkpointmedia at "Wohnen & Interieur"

Trade fair presentation

As part of "Wohnen & Interieur 2006" checkpointmedia, in cooperation with the furniture makers Hutter, presented state-of-the-art audio and video solutions.

Lecture at the Fet11 Budapest

"European Future Technologies (FET) Conference and Exhibition"

Virgil Widrich was invited by Dr. Robert Trappl (Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Vienna) to hold a talk at the conference on 5 May 2011 on the topic, "Robots as Companions: What can we Learn from Servants and Companions in Literature, Theater, and Film?"

The Essence 2011

The Annual Exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

Under the title "We went on a data quest ..." the master's class "Art & Science" taken by Virgil Widrich presents works by Andrea Weidlich, Leon Ploszczanski, Wolfgang Schwarzenbrunner, Ashley Holwell & Romana Egartner and Richard Schwarz at the Institute of Fine and Media Arts.

Round table

"Running for the Money and the Flash"

Virgil Widrich takes part in the round table on "Funding creative projects and structures".

Media-based City Tour

Vienna according to checkpointmedia

On 6 December 2011 Virgil Widrich led a group of students from the Hani Rashid architecture class (University of Applied Arts Vienna) through Vienna city centre to two very different scenes of checkpointmedia's work.

vor - BILD - end

Visualisations in science and art

Visual perception is a key process for human beings. Consequently, images play an important role in both science and art. On 24 November 2010 Virgil Widrich held a lecture in the Planetarium, Vienna.

Lecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna

“The Great World Theater. 90 Years of the Salzburg Festival”

As part of the ecm master's course, Agnes Hannes gives a lecture on the subject of planning and designing an exhibition.

Virgil Widrich in kultur.Montag on Austrian TV

The Night of the Avant-garde – Film Seen Differently

From midnight on Monday 22 October 2012, Virgil Widrich, filmmaker and CEO of checkpointmedia, presented a “Night of Austrian Avant-Garde Cinema” on ORF 2.

Lecture at Vienna University of Technology

“Vienna Parliament Visitor Centre – Behind the Scenes”

As part of the degree course in video processing, Stefan Fahrngruber takes students on a behind-the-scenes tour of Vienna parliament’s visitor centre as a guest lecturer.

Lecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna

About the exhibition “The Great World Theater. 90 Years of the Salzburg Festival”

On the basis of the exhibition “The Organized World Theater. 90 Years of the Salzburg Festival”, realized by checkpointmedia in 2010, Agnes Hannes talks about the curating process, exploring essential questions and strategies as well as its creative potential.

POWER OF DISPLAY 69: Funeral Museum at Vienna Central Cemetery

schnittpunkt theory & practice of exhibitions

Martina Griesser and Monika Sommer (both of schnittpunkt) in conversation with Helga Bock (Funeral Museum) and Virgil Widrich (checkpointmedia