Presentation of an intelligent apartment

Extensive press coverage of the "Smart Home" press conference

On 21.02.07 Stefan Unger (managing director, technology at checkpointmedia) and the architect Katharina Fröch presented an example of an "intelligent apartment" to the press. Smart Homes are houses or flats with automated electrical appliances. The main aim is the development of a simple and easy-to-follow control system for all electrical appliances in the household, whether these are domestic appliances or multimedia entertainment systems. Special attention is paid to ensuring the most unobtrusive installation of the technical elements (such as loudspeakers), which are integrated into the architecture or installed so as to be completely concealed. In a press conference, Stefan Unger and Katharina Fröch presented the Smart Home belonging to Ursula and Erich Fröch, which they used as an example of how intelligent living could develop in the future.