vor - BILD - end

Visualisations in science and art

Visual perception is a key process for human beings. Consequently, images play an important role in both science and art.
In science, images are primary data or serve as visualisations that help to make sense of information. In research, images are accordingly found at the beginning and end of a process of recognition. Images as works of art can be understood as the culmination of creative activity but can equally serve as the inspiration at the beginning of a creative process.
Presentation in the Planetarium, Vienna
On 24/11/2010 dialog<>gentechnik, in cooperation witn pooool, presented vor - BILD - end in the Planetarium, Vienna: visualisations in science and art
Compère: Leo Andras Findeisen
Virgil Widrich, director
Tanja Gesell, scientist
Musical résumé by Dominik Nostitz
Video performance by Jan Lauth, Simone Carneiro and Peter Koger
Audio performance: Peter Szely