Client: Albertina
Year: 2010
Format: Website, Film / animation


Website "Atelier Mobil"

The Albertina Vienna houses one of the most important art collections in the world.
A website with games for young visitors has been specially developed by checkpointmedia to arouse interest in the museum. There are four games available on the website:
Der verrückte Prunkraum (The Crazy Ceremonial Room): photos of the Albertina exhibition rooms have to be correctly rearranged. The game offers different levels of difficulty.   
Nach Montoyer designen (Design a room in the style of Montoyer):  players can design their own room using preset colours etc.
Albertina Expert: players can work their way through the museum by providing the correct answers to questions.
Tourguide:  which English words correctly denote the objects indicated in the room?