BASF Fractal Field

Media installation concept

A three-dimensional media installation depicts living structures, with a focus on dynamics, movement and transformation. The overriding idea of the concept study is the thematic relief of microspheres, macrospheres and living spheres as three-dimensional and arranged according to size. The work is inspired by shapes from the world of chemistry and macro-photos of BASF products. Design /molecule: a glass wall shows a large-scale and highly detailed graphic image (molecules). Behind this, an abstract film is shown on a low-resolution, diffuse LED video wall. Rear projections of animations or films are shown in truncated spheres, which extend the graphic forms into three dimensions. The graphics evoke associations of molecules or "drip painting". Design/PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone): fractured forms consisting of glass surfaces form a new wall showing a large-scale graphic. Individual light chambers project colours and intensities, creating an overall choreography. LED projectors are employed in the chambers, which use reflection and partial rear projection to show animations or films as details in the wall. In combination with the coloured light of the illuminated chambers, special colour zones in the graphics cause the effacement or enhancement of selected areas of the picture. Static graphics come to life.