Cresnet Hub

Hardware development by checkpointmedia

The Cresnet Hub was developed as an addition to 24V power supply of Crestron systems used in public spaces and homes to control audio units, video, blinds, air-conditioning etc. Up to twelve lines lead from the Cresnet PSU/hub (star formation, max. length 1000m). The current supplied to the connected appliances (e.g. touch panels) is 200 W per line maximum, or 600 W maximum total load. Each of the lines is monitored. In the event of overload, the 24V power supply is shut off and an error message appears on the appliance's LED display. All status reports on the Cresnet Hub (temperature, load per line, total load, communications errors etc.) are transmitted via a serial interface and can be displayed on a touch panel, web server or computer.