Erste Group's "Blue Book" Project


In 2019 the idea of savings banks celebrates its 200th anniversary. What started out as a small savings bank has evolved into a major concern in Central and Eastern Europe with a staff of over 50,000 located in eight different countries. The initial handful of customers has grown to 17 million. In the "Blue Book" project the beliefs upon which this success is based are being redrafted for the present day. Erste Group employees can contribute their thoughts to the Blue Book website, give their views and hold discussions with their colleagues from within the entire group. The website is available in all of the Erste Group's local languages. As an introduction to the project, checkpointmedia has created a video. The key element is a clear visual language that puts the complex and abstract subject matter across simply and succinctly. The text is animated and complemented by instantly understandable graphics. The music provides the rhythm and sets the mood for the "Blue Book" project. The video was published on the Blue Book micro-website on the Erste Group's intranet towards the end of 2010 and has since been accessed 100,000 times.