Funeral Museum at the Vienna Central Cemetery

Construction Phase

As winner of the tender by the funeral company Bestattung und Friedhöfe Wien, checkpointmedia, together with OMS ( as full service general contractor, has been commissioned with the construction and design of the new museum. Construction work beneath Mortuary Hall 2 of the Vienna Central Cemetery has been underway since 2013 and the museum is due to open in autumn 2014.
Information about Bestattung und Friedhöfe Wien and its services is a common thread that weaves its way through the exhibition’s musings on death in Vienna. The company is responsible for running the museum and is also the main funeral service institution in Vienna, accompanying thousands of citizens on their final journey.
The exhibition is designed to evoke an emotional response in visitors as a means of conveying    information. The content will focus on Vienna and the development of the funeral system since the 19th century – firstly, to consolidate knowledge about the history of funeral practices in Vienna and secondly, as a way of providing a seamless introduction to a tour of the Central Cemetery.