ipCompetence – Kompetenzzentrum für geistiges Eigentum GmbH

App development

The Competence Centre for Intellectual Property (ipCompetence) was founded in 2001 on the initiative and with the support of the Veranstalterverband Österreich (Alliance of Music Promoters in Austria) and acts as a scientific platform upholding promoters’ rights.? ?


To enable downloading and browsing of the ipCompetence journal, checkpointmedia created an iPad app with a PDF framework, adapting it to the latest iOS version.? ?


The app consists of a site map showing all the thumbnails of previous editions of the journal. These can be downloaded and deleted at a later date as required.  User-friendliness was a key consideration in the app’s design:  the journals can be read horizontally and vertically and reading is facilitated by text zoom, search and rapid navigation functions.