Hardware development by checkpointmedia

The Multipot-64 was developed to control complex lighting environments such as those used for exhibitions. The use of several light sources that are dynamically adjusted in a content-appropriate manner assists centre-stage settings for interactive shop windows. In doing so, the light sources may only emit small, targeted quantities of light. The Multipot-64 controls up to 64 controllable power supply units by means of 1-10V interfaces (e.g. Instatronic transfomer, fluorescent tubes-electronic control gear). Alternatively, the interfaces can also be used to operate LEDs. Control is obtained via DMX or RS232 interfaces. The latter provide a large number of dimming curves in order to enable extensive programming with the limited data rate of the RS232 protocol. Every channel is configured for the required terminal via the RS232 interface and must be provided with a corresponding lighting characteristic curve. The configuration is stored in the flash memory.