Natural History Museum Vienna

Online tickets

checkpointmedia has developed and designed an online ticket system in English and German for the Natural History Museum Vienna. A payment interface with a link to mPAY24 has been integrated into the ordering process so that payment can be made quickly and easily by credit card, EPS (online banking) or paybox (mobile banking). Following payment, the ticket can immediately be downloaded from the website and is also dispatched at the same time by e-mail.
On the ticket there is a bar code which the visitor scans at the museum entrance, either from the printed version of the ticket or from the visitor’s mobile. The hand-held scanners (Motorola MT2090) have been programmed to configurable museum entrances and can detect whether ticket numbers are invalid or have already been scanned, withthe relevant information being shown on the screen (number of attempted scans, date, time). If the bar code cannot be read, a function for manually entering the code is available.
The scanning software by the firm of suite* - Agentur für interaktive Medien has been adapted to the client’s requirements and configured accordingly.
All ticket orders are managed in the database of the content management system (JART), which also makes it possible to create daily practical reports. In addition, the database sends importable files directly to the client’s point of sale, allowing online orders to be integrated into the museum’s own system.