Palais Epstein


On Austria's National Holiday 2006 the Palais Epstein, newly renovated according to the specifications of architects Georg Töpfer and Alexander van der Donk, opened its doors. During its 130 years’ history the building has been used for very different purposes: first as a residential home and business premises, belonging initially to the Epstein family, then to a British gas company, then as a local authority office building. In this capacity it accommodated the Higher Administrative Court, the Vienna School Board, and under the NS-regime the contruction department of the Reich's Governor's Office; after WW II it housed the Soviet city command, then briefly became the Academy for Music and Fine Arts until it once again housed the Vienna School Board. Finally it was designated for parliamentary purposes. checkpointmedia designed and implemented the corporate design, the website, the exhibition furniture and all the media stations for the permanent exhibition about the building history, the Epstein family and Jewish Vienna, and the subsequent varied history of the house.