Year: 2010
Format: Technical planning, Sound engineering / sound systems, Hardware Development

PhonoPreAmp - phono preamplifier

Hardware development by checkpointmedia

A phono preamplifier is a circuit that is used to restore the original analogue audio signals of vinyl discs. On the master of a vinyl record, the treble frequencies of audio signals are boosted beyond a certain frequency in order to avoid surface noise and bass frequencies are attenuated to prevent the stylus from jumping out of the groove. A phono preamplifier equalises these analogue signals again after playback and routes them to an amplifier. Simple circuitry is often fitted in amplifiers that have a record deck input, and very expensive systems are often offered as external units. checkpointmedia has taken over seven years to develop phono preamp circuitry with absolute state-of-the-art features that uses pure single-ended class A technology without a single capacitor in its direct audio signal path. This modular, discreetly designed phono preamplifier is compatible with all stylus systems and provides very flexible compatibility options. Stylus systems are connected in fully balanced mode, thereby eliminating capacitive coupling. This circuitry is currently still housed in experimental enclosures. A high-end enclosure with the same quality features will be designed once development of the audio preamplifier has also been completed.