Red Bull "Mayday Bar"

Vienna/Berlin: checkpointmedia wins the ninth German Multimedia Award

At the ninth German Multimedia Award (DMMA) show, staged in Berlin, checkpointmedia won the top award in the category "Interactive Space Installations". This year a total of 423 contributions were submitted to the DMMA, 16 of them were nominated by the international jury.
The jury’s verdict was presented by jury member Professor Dr Anja Stöhr of the University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule für Technik und Wissenschaft) in Dresden:
The jury notes with great pleasure that seven entries were submitted in the category “Interactive room installations” and that all are of a high and impressive quality.  They reflect a new dimension in sales strategies by integrating multimedia technologies into architecture and spaces. The Red Bull Mayday Bar in Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport is the centrepiece of the entire hangar and has as it most persuasive feature a focus on communication between the guests. In keeping with the slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” the guests are also encouraged to fly, and do so at the bar. Although the hardware and software architecture behind the installation is highly complex and was developed especially, it is completely unobtrusive in the bar area and barely noticeable to the guests, even though every guest can immediately and intuitively explore all the bar’s features.
Stefan Reiter (member of the board) and Werner Schlossarek (project manager) were present to receive the glass stele. Stefan Reiter: "We are glad to have in checkpointmedia a team that manages to transform impossible ideas into realizable projects. The Mayday Bar in Hangar 7 was a challenge to us in many respects because no other customer leads us to such flights of fancy as Red Bull."
Organized by the German Multi Media Association (dmmv), the German Multi Media Congress (DMMK) and the kommunikationsverband (communications association), the German Multimedia Award has been awarded to exemplary online, offline and kiosk applications since 1996. They illustrate the innovative power and capability of multi media communication.


Red Bull “Mayday Bar”: the bar on the first floor of the Hangar 7 towers in Salzburg is not only a classic cocktail bar but a spectacular platform for communication and fun unique in the world. The entire surface of the bar, which sweeps round 270 degrees, consists of 18 video projections that provide the visitor with a bird's eye view of a continuous fantasy landscape over which the aeroplanes of the Flying Bulls circle. The visitors to the bar can interact with the aircraft as well as communicate with each other. The Mayday Bar in Hangar 7 was designed and realized by checkpointmedia with Gernot and Raimund Schatz on behalf of Red Bull together with: Instant,Vienna (www.instant.at) - graphic design, Chips at Work, Bonn (www.chips-at-work.de) - gesture detection and mechanics.