Red Bull hangar-7

Mayday Bar - the second world

A second "world", the "Waiters' City", in Hangar-7's Mayday Bar in Salzburg: in addition to completely new decor and a set of interacting figures - the waiters/waitresses - messenger tools delight the visitors with an intuitive graphical interface enabling direct communication across the bar. Just under a year after the bar's opening, an alternative to the "Flying Bulls" decor has been added: a new world showing a cartoon metropolis (NYC) from above that is populated by waiters and waitresses. The figures react in their own particular way to the users' "touching" them with a finger, to objects on the bar's surface and when they meet each other in the streets of the city. Messenger panels, which can be found in the 18 segments of the bar, enable visitors to send and receive messages directly to and from other guests at the bar. This fun means of communication can be used almost like a game of ping of pong for as long as desired. Operating instructions are available in the form of an animated tutorial.