Sattler Panorama media installations

Salzburg Museum

The Sattler Panorama, completed in 1829 and presented in a mobile rotunda, became a pan-European attraction. Supplemented by an interactive module, the original panorama is now once again open to the public at the Salzburg Museum. Looking through a "time/reading glass", visitors can move a screen continuously over an image of the Sattler Panorama and alternate between 1829 and the present day in the selected section. A change-over switch accesses detailed information on the city's development since 1925; original sounds from city life enhance the virtual experience. The original Panorama can also be observed from a round rostrum using a specially prepared "telescope", which simulates the feeling of distance and perspective. The screen can be moved in front of any part of a reproduction of the huge painting (the original is nearly 5 metres high and 26 metres in circumference and has a surface area of 125 m²) and the corresponding detail of Salzburg as it is today appears for comparison. There is also a switch that can be used to obtain detailed information on the city's development since that time. checkpointmedia was responsible for the entire project: from the original idea to the exhaustive preparation of photographs for the digital aspects of the city, to software development for the time/reading glass and its functions, the design of the information unit and on-site hardware installation. Although the installation may appear very simple it actually consists of over 200 single parts, most of which were specially produced, and over 1000 screws.