Technisches Museum Wien

Interactive web tool "treasure hunt generator"

The Technisches Museum Wien is offering its visitors a new way of discovering the world of knowledge on display at the museum. Groups of schoolchildren, and individual visitors too, can explore the exhibitions by taking part in a "treasure hunt". To adapt the game to different needs and levels the web tool "Rätselrallye Generator" ("treasure hunt generator") was created.


This web tool gives teachers, families and other visitors to the Technisches Museum Wien the chance to put together their own exciting treasure hunt. All in all there are over 640 questions and tasks to choose from. Users are free to select from four levels and eight exhibitions. If required, users can add their own questions, too. Once compiled the treasure hunt can be downloaded as a question-and-answer version. This contains an estimate of the time needed to complete the hunt, a general map and plans that show the different stages in every exhibition section.


Every treasure hunt can be saved for future use and can be shared with other users.


The web tool was developed by checkpointmedia in cooperation with the Knowledge Transfer Department of the Technisches Museum Wien and BDF-net (concept and graphics).