Vienna International Airport

Intranet relaunch

With its new functions, Vienna Airport's intranet – programmed by checkpointmedia and designed by Vienna Airport and Interbrand – aims to support in-house workflow and communications. All the applications were incorporated into a standardized framework and include the internal telephone directory with a comprehensive database and numerous export functions, a virtual flea market plus notices of special offers for staff (free tickets, concessions, travel offers etc.), an editable event calendar for official and in-house events, the organization’s handbook with a comprehensive document management system including a variety of sort and search functions. In addition, there are numerous service functions such as a watch list for the various applications that sends an e-mail with the corresponding link to all subscribers whenever a new entry is added. Every page or individual set of data (from the telephone directory or the organization’s handbook) can be added to favourites for quick and easy access. In addition, each service, specialist division and business section has the opportunity to present its own department on the intranet using multimedia and the content management system. The result is a central knowledge platform with a strong emphasis on in-house information management that vastly improves the in-house communications culture.