Vienna Parliament Visitor Centre

Update: media player

The Austrian parliament's visitor centre gives groups and individual visitors the chance to explore in depth the history and workings of the Austrian and European parliamentary system as well as the history and function of the building on the Ring. In the course of an update, a media player was developed which displays new information quickly and simply via monitors and projections. The player was integrated into the existing applications of the big media wall and the time machine screens in the Press Centre and allows users to select images and videos in a wide range of formats at the touch of a button. In addition, the position of the displayed picture can be altered, as can the position and design of the "mask". This technology makes it possible, for example, to transfer photos immediately after they have been taken during an event and to display them - according to setting - in a softer tone. This immediately gives new items a professional appearance without the need for time-consuming processing and editing. Even where there are several media sources (e.g. PCs) that provide separate parts of an overall image synchronously, users can display photos and play videos without difficulty using the media player.