Viennese coffee houses website

Favourite cafés and typical Viennese atmosphere online

To coincide with "Coffee Day" on October 1, Viennese coffee houses presented themselves online. The website was commissioned by the Association of Viennese Coffee Houses and invites everybody to take a little time and imbibe a little Viennese sociability. The content of the website is geared to the various interests of its users: for the curious there is carefully researched information on the history and culture of Viennese coffee houses or on famous patrons of the past such as poets, writers, politicians or other well-known people of the city. Guests and epicureans can learn all about their favourite cafés from the growing list of coffee house portraits. The practical search function for coffee houses gives addresses, contact data, and information on highlights - such as the dates of concerts in cafés with live music. New events in and around Viennese coffee houses are published day-to-day, and pictures and stories of typical culinary delicacies invite you to treat yourself. The patrons and supporters of Viennese cafés are also presented: the Association of Viennese Coffee Houses and the Club of Viennese Coffee House Owners. Friends of the Viennese coffee houses can receive the latest news in a newsletter. Famous coffee house patrons speak briefly about their love of the Viennese coffee house. The Website was designed and programmed by checkpointmedia; photos of the coffee houses used in the portraits (Café Weingartner, Café Sperl, Café Ministerium) and photos of the Billiard Museum Weingartner were taken by Ursula Waldeck (also checkpointmedia).