voestalpine Visitor Centre

Presentation for a competition

The voestalpine Group is an internationally successful corporation with approximately 360 production and sales companies that manufacture, process and develop high-quality steel products in more than 60 countries. The voestalpine Group's headquarters are in Linz. As part of a competition, checkpointmedia developed a concept for a visitor centre that was designed to provide an all-round experience and information and serve as the starting point for the tour of the company. The aim of the concept was to create a narrative discovery thread that would accompany

visitors on their way through the visitor centre and around the works premises. The combination of authentic experience and imaginatively presented information opens the door to the "voestalpine adventure". The centrepiece of the world of information and discovery was the "Steel Theatre" consisting of artefacts, projections, mirrored effects and stage sets that merge into a choreographed whole in an oversized room. Steel components that weigh tons seem to float weightlessly in the room, details of the manufacturing process approach, change their shape and

disappear again. A virtual horizon shows situations, which demonstrate the use of steel products. A stage set consisting of elements from the preceding company tour offers endlessly changing perspectives as they cross-fade. This project by checkpointmedia was not carried out.