Wiener Stadtwerke entrance hall

Concept study

The concept study aims to present "Vienna in 2025" as a Smart City in the foyer of Wiener Stadtwerke. With this initiative, Wiener Stadtwerke are positioning themselves as thought leaders and active engineers of this future vision. Innovative technologies and the corporate vision of Wiener Stadtwerke (social responsibility, sustainability, staff motivation, anti-discrimination, equal opportunities, proportion of women employees) have been incorporated into the concept. checkpointmedia has developed several items of lounge furniture, which also function as exhibits and information carriers and together form a corporate museum, offering the visitor an insight into the company's various spheres of activity. A spatial intervention in the form of a ceiling installation conveys a vision of the "Smart City" - City of the Future. The objective is to stimulate communication. Various themes are presented in different media designed to attract visitors' attention, not only in order to provide information but also as a means of entertainment.