Wiener Stadtwerke

Info-lounge furniture and ceiling projection

The aim of this project was to install a spatial intervention in the large foyer of Wiener Stadtwerke and use it to present the company in a visitor-friendly way. Several suggestions were put forward but in the end it was the info-lounge furnishings and ceiling projection that were chosen.
Centrepiece of the concept was the “Smart City”, the city of the future, and the presentation of Wiener Stadtwerke as playing a key role in shaping that future. Consequently, the presentation’s aim was not to focus exclusively on the company’s history and its fields of activity, but also to highlight its visions, innovations and forward-thinking strategies.
To this end, checkpointmedia developed the info-lounge furnishings as standalone items taking the classic museum wall display cases as its model. They serve as multimedia information carriers and can also be used as furniture. Viewed as a whole, the items resemble the sihouette of a modern city. 

Each item is dedicated to a particular theme. Wiener Stadtwerke’s achievements and a brief historical outline of the company are presented under the title “Wiener Werte” (“Viennese Values”). “Wiener Leben” (“Viennese Life”) shows real-time data and fast connections in Vienna as well as the Viennese energy supply model. “Wiener Zukunft” (“Viennese Future”) provides information on forward-thinking solutions such as the smart grid, mobility on demand etc. The furniture provides facts and figures on the various topics, while the design follows the new corporate design, used here for the first time.
The items of furniture are sturdy steel constructions and are panelled with sheets of glass whose entire inner surface is laminated. The seats are upholstered with imitation leather. Each item of furniture has up to three monitors installed behind glass, and two of them also contain display cases. The furniture is on rollers and can be moved easily to meet the foyer’s multimedia requirements.
To complement and counterbalance the furniture and its factual, thematic focus a ceiling projection has been developed that combines technical complexity with a light and playful elegance. The projection shows animated depictions of Smart Mobility, Smart Energy and Smart City. Two moveable projectors each cast a circular moving image onto the ceiling. The two images move around like searchlights. This creates the impression that the projection is revealing a large ceiling fresco piece by piece as it moves around. In addition, the themes of the two film projections are in a dynamic relation to each other; they approach each other then move apart again.
The info-lounge furniture and ceiling projection form an innovative design solution that communicates a core message: Wiener Stadtwerke can look back on an impressive record of achievement spanning decades and is also well equipped to shape the living space that will be the city of the future.