Madame Tussauds Vienna: Redesign of the media technology

Modern design and operating concept for the exhibition 2020

checkpointmedia revised and expanded the media technology of the exhibition and technical facilities, created and implemented a modern design and operating concept for the operation of the exhibition.

Sconarium Visitor Centre for Bad Schönau

Conception and implementation of the exhibition content 2019

The Bad Schönau spa community built the "Sconarium" for 2.8 million euros, a modern visitor and event centre dedicated entirely to the subject of therapy and natural carbon dioxide gas. The company Handler Bau with its project partners Atelier Mauch and checkpointmedia was commissioned to build and implement the sconarium following a call for tenders.

Madame Tussauds - Sweet Fantasy

Concept and realization of the Sweet Fantasy Pop Up Selfie Factory 2019

From April 2019 Madame Tussauds Wien presents the Sweet Fantasy Pop Up Selfie Factory with Katy Perry and Elvis Presley in the Lollipop Forest, Rihanna with a birthday cake and Robbie Williams on a Mega Macaron. The Selfie Factory offers the perfect opportunity for the perfect Instapic!

Falco meets Mozart

Installation for Madame Tussauds in Vienna 2018

Two legends of their time meet: Falco and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Now they face each other for the first time – two centuries apart – in an interactive setting, eye to eye.

Der Bergdoktor

Installation and VR experience for Madame Tussauds in Vienna 2018

Since December 2018, Madame Tussauds Vienna is presenting the wax figure of Hans Sigl in his role as "Der Bergdoktor" in an unprecedented Virtual Reality Experience.

GirApp at Schönbrunn Zoo

Interactive quiz for children and teenagers 2017

Following construction work lasting two and a half years, the new giraffe park in the historic centre of Schönbrunn Zoo opened on 10 May 2017. checkpointmedia devised and produced the enclosure’s GirApp, an interactive media station for children and teenagers.

BANFF Mountain Film Festival Tour 2017

Interactive technology for the “Tirol Lightbox” 2017

For the BANFF Mountain Film Festival Tour 2017, checkpointmedia installed interactive technology in a mobile installation made of cedar wood for the furniture manufacturers Auer.

City of Vienna

Vienna table trip 2016

A journey through Vienna on the coffee house table, animated by Virgil Widrich on behalf of Vienna’s Staff Office International Strategy and Coordination.

Vienna Zoo

Implementation of media stations for the „Polar Dome“ in the new Polar Bear World of the zoo 2014

On May 22, 2014 Reinhold Mitterlehner, Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy, and Dagmar Schratter, zoo director, opened the new Polar Bear World called „Franz Josef Land“ at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Zoo. The renovated and expanded enclosure measures over 1,700 square meters. Its construction phase took two and a half years amounting to 10.7 million euros.

Hotel Sans Souci Vienna

Audio installations 2012

checkpointmedia provides concealed audio equipment for 37 rooms in the exclusive luxury Hotel Sans Souci in Vienna with concealed audio equipment.


Website 2012

checkpointmedia creates a website for Groundline.

Österreichischer Campingclub

Website 2011

The Österreichische Campingclub supplies tips and information on all aspects of camping, has its own travel information service and organises tours for all camping enthusiasts. The new website provides fast access to all these services.

Monitor installation for the Krippenstein cable car

World heritage Dachstein region 2008

checkpointmedia was commissioned by the Art University Linz with the construction of a monitor installation for the lower and middle stations (at a height of 1800 m) of the Krippenstein cable car in the Salzkammergut.

"House of Locusts"

Schönbrunn Zoo 2005

On October 18, 2005, zoo director Pechlaner opened the "House of Locusts" in Schönbrunn Zoo. checkpointmedia created two installations, one of which allows visitors to hear the chirping of native locusts in front of a wall of light while the other presents an impressive display of themswarming around.

Mattsee Castle, Academy of Pleasure

Website 2004

A beautiful castle situated directly on the shores of Lake Mattsee in the province of Salzburg is an inviting venue for events and an attractive place to relax. The website features numerous images of Mattsee Castle and describes its history and development, including information on the current programme at the Leisure Academy.

On Witches and Sorcerers

Concept for a permanent exhibition in Hohenwerfen Castle 2003

checkpointmedia develops the concept for the planned permanent exhibition "Von Hexen und Zauberern" ("On Witches and Sorcerers"), as commissioned by Hohenwerfen Castle.

Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

Audio images and sound collage 2002

checkpointmedia produces the audio images and the atmospheric sound collage. They also plan and implement the sound and control systems of the entire multimedia scenario.