The Marshall Plan

Teaching materials for schools 2018

After checkpointmedia had already played a leading role in the great jubilee celebration "70 Years of the Marshall Plan" and had put together an exhibition for this occasion, which could subsequently be seen at various locations in Austria, the materials developed were also to be prepared for teaching purposes and thus made available to schools throughout Austria.

70 Years of the Marshall Plan

The anniversary exhibition was presented at the Ministry of Economics in Vienna 2017

The anniversary exhibition "70 Years of the Marshall Plan", which was shown for the first time as part of a major event in June 2017, is going on tour: in October and November 2017 the exhibition dedicated to the story of the European Recovery Program was presented at the Ministry of Economics in Vienna.

aspern Die Seestadt Wiens

Comprehensive web relaunch 2017

aspern Die Seestadt Wiens, Vienna’s “Laketown”, is currently the biggest urban development project in the whole of Europe. Due for completion in 2028, high-quality housing for over 20,000 people is being created in several phases along with an equal number of jobs.

70 Years of the Marshall Plan

Design and implementation of the anniversary event 2017

“70 projections for 70 years”: Under the artistic direction of Virgil Widrich, a multi-disciplinary team designed the event and a partly interactive travelling exhibition for the Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (ERP Fund).

70 Years of the Marshall Plan

Invitations and special-issue stamps for guests 2017

On 21/6/2017 the ceremony marking 70 years of the Marshall Plan took place at METAStadt Wien with addresses by Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen, Vice-Chancellor Wolfgang Brandstetter and Chargé d’Affaires a.i. at the US Embassy in Vienna Eugene S. Young.

Municipality of Schwaz/Tyrol

Consulting and concept development 2016

checkpointmedia has developed a concept for the community of Schwaz in Tyrol for the further development of the community's appearance as a "silver city". In several workshops and in cooperation with experts as well as accompanied by a development study, which examined the economic and touristic aspects, possible projects were developed, which should make the today's and historical meaning of the municipality Schwaz accessible to a wider public.

Vienna Parliament Visitor Centre

Update: media player 2012

checkpointmedia has developed and installed a special media player for the individual display of information for the media wall and "time machine" in the visitor centre of Austria's parliament.

Digital Media Protection Center for Naxi Dongba Culture

Study for a museum project in China 2011

checkpointmedia is commissioned by Odelga Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. with carrying out a feasibility study focusing on the content and technical aspects of the multimedia presentation of Naxi Dongba culture in the province of YuLong, China.


Relaunch of the website 2011

The relaunch of the departure website at heralds the start of Austria's biggest online platform for the creative industries sector.

New film for the media wall in the Vienna Parliament Visitor Centre

Animated film 2010

As part of the multimedia presentations in the visitor centre in Vienna's Parliament building, checkpointmedia has installed a big media wall consisting of 24 rear projection units. In 2010 a new animated film was planned and produced for the media wall.

Visitor information in Parliament

Media technology 2008

checkpointmedia has installed five multilingual "wide-stretched" monitors providing information for visitors at the security checkpoint of the Parliament building. A variety of different texts can be selected and edited using a web interface.

Study for the “Glückswelten Fürstenfeld”

Consulting, feasibility study 2007

Together with riecom, Sigrid Markl carries out a feasibility study on behalf of checkpointmedia for the construction of an adventure world on the former premises of Austria Tabak in Fürstenfeld.

Information System for Municipal Department 10 ( Vienna Kindergartens)

Customer administration at the service desk 2007

An information system was commissioned by the municipal department responsible for Vienna's kindergartens (MA 10) to increase the efficiency of the way customers who visit the service desk are dealt with.

Vienna Parliament Visitor Centre

Upgrade of the research stations “Wer ist Wer?” 2007

Implementation of combined queries and merging of database content.

Federal Government Office for Positive Rating of Computer and Console Games

DVD 2007

checkpointmedia has designed and produced a comprehensive marketing package for the BuPP (Federal Government Office for Positive Rating of Computer and Console Games) which included the creation of the website and an information DVD as well as the design and production of a booklet and a brochure.

Federal Office for Positive Rating of Computer and Console Games

Website 2007

The BuPP website features a continually updated list of recommended computer and console games. In addition, it offers parents, teachers and young people the chance to browse through a wealth of information on the subject and subscribe to a newsletter.

departure - online platform for the creative industries

Website 2007

The relaunch of the departure website at heralds the start of Austria's biggest online platform for the creative industries’ sector. Besides current trends and information on national and international events, the new website now offers constantly updated facts and figures on companies in the creative sector that are supported by departure.

Museum Wattens

Concept 2007-2011 2011

Following on from the first concept for a "treasure chamber" in 2003, a new attempt to present archaeological finds from Wattens was made in 2007, as part of a joint initiative with Arno Grünberger/spurwien.

Brochure for BuPP

Print production 2006

checkpointmedia designs and produces a comprehensive marketing package for the BuPP (Federal Office for Positive Rating of Computer and Console Games) which includes the creation of the website and an information DVD as well as the design and production of a booklet and a brochure.

Palais Epstein

Website 2006

checkpointmedia designs and develops the website for Palais Epstein with information on building history, the Epstein family and Jewish Vienna, and the subsequent varied history of the house.

Palais Epstein

Exhibition 2006

Five media stations equipped with high-format 30-inch screens enabled visitors to call up texts, pictures, graphics, animation films and short video clips. One animation film showed "Owners and utilisation of the buildings on the Ringstrasse in 1914", another provided an overview of the inhabitants of the Palais Epstein building complex during the last century. A special station was developed with information about the Epstein family, with a family tree interface and a family tree animation film.

Vienna Parliament Visitor Centre

Information stations, ‘Who is who?` 2006

Interactive people search, clickable seating plan and statistics dating from 1907 to the present day.

Vienna Parliament Visitor Centre

Multimedia to convey knowledge 2005

The visitors' centre at the Austrian Parliament, created by architects Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler, represents an opening up to the outside world and provides a gathering point for tourists and interested citizens.

Wattens Museum of Industry and Prehistory

Archaeological museum, concept 2003 2003

Although numerous objects, above all from pre-historic times, have been found at archaeological excavation sites in Wattens, the tendency has been to exhibit them in depot-like settings, with limited access for visitors.

Museum Wildalpen

Water Pipeline Museum 2002

checkpointmedia constructs the electronic controls for the video cinema of the Water Pipeline Museum, a department of the Museum Wildalpen, as commissioned by the Municipal Authority of Vienna.