Wiener Kaffeesiederball (Viennese Coffee Makers’ Ball)

Website 2012

Creation of online ticket and seat reservation.

Wiener Kaffeesieder (Viennese Coffee Makers)

Website 2010

checkpointmedia designs and implements a website for Klub der Wiener Kaffeehaubesitzer (Association of Viennese Coffee House Owners).

Presentation tool for the AWO

Expanded functionality 2008

Expanded functionality of multimedia presentation tool for trade fairs for use by the Außenwirtschaft Österreich (AWO).

Innovative multimedia presentation tool for trade fairs

Foreign Trade Office 2008

checkpointmedia’s carries out the technical enhancement of a multimedia presentation tool for trade fairs and events for the Foreign Trade Office of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Lounge

Event and conference venue 2008

The "Lounge of Commerce" is the communication centre of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce in the atmospheric setting of a turn-of-the-century building.

Vienna Chamber of Commerce - creative space

Extension of the website 2007

checkpointmedia programmed this platform with the JART Content Management System for artconsult. The design is by Collettiva.

Vienna Chamber of Commerce - creative space

Website 2007

The virtual platform offers creative companies in the "creative pool" the opportunity to present themselves and their services using multimedia and is therefore subject to a dynamic process of constant development.

Information terminal for the Vienna Chamber of Commerce

Mobile information for Vienna’s Chamber of Commerce 2006

The Chamber of Commerce in Vienna is supplied with a mobile information terminal that can be used at different sites to display information relevant to the given location.

Viennese coffee houses website

Favourite cafés and typical Viennese atmosphere online 2003

To coincide with "Coffee Day" on October 1, Viennese coffee houses are presenting themselves online. The website was commissioned by the "Association of Viennese Coffee Houses", and it invites everybody to take a little time and imbibe a little Viennese sociability.