Original violin by Leopold Mozart

Creation of a special exhibition 2019

On the occasion of the 300th birthday of W.A. Mozart's father this year, the collection of old musical instruments in the Kunsthistorisches Museum lends the extremely valuable original violin by Leopold Mozart to Mozarthaus Vienna for the period from 27 May to 23 June 2019.

Business Lounge at Mozarthaus Vienna

Planning and implementation of media technology 2019

Mozarthaus Vienna has new light-flooded areas on the 4th floor with a combination of historical and modern elements, which can be rented as a business lounge for incentives, conferences or seminars.

Sound of Music World Salzburg

Co-design of the exhibition about the Trapp family 2018

The exhibition is devoted to three major thematic blocks – the family history, the history of Villa Trapp, which was used by Heinrich Himmler as "Feldkommandostelle Bergwald", among others, and a confrontation between film and reality.

Touch-sensitive interfaces in the "Perception Lab" - Haus der Musik

Interfaces 2015

checkpointmedia has reengineered the touch-sensitive interfaces in the Wahrnehmungslabor ("Perception Lab") at the Haus der Musik.

experimenta Heilbronn

Planning and implementation of the music workshop 2013

checkpointmedia develops and installs a new music workshop with three studios for experimenta Heilbronn.

Museum of Natural History Vienna

The Meteorite Gallery Reopens 2012

checkpointmedia is responsible for the multimedia installations and the graphic display of information for the new Meteorite Gallery of the Natural History Museum Vienna.

Museum of Natural History Vienna

Concept for the new installation of the Meteorite Gallery 2011

For the new installation of the Meteorite Gallery, a concept was developed in partnership with Arno Grünberger/spurwien to devise a modern method of knowledge transfer that sensitively combines the existing architecture with multimedia elements and exhibits.

Imperial Palace (Hofburg) Innsbruck

Media installations 2010

checkpointmedia equips Empress Maria Theresia's baroque state rooms and the Imperial Apartments with unobtrusive media installations that describe the history, uses and renovation of the Palace using historical and current images.

Technisches Museum Wien, sound technology

Sound system in the main hall 2009

checkpointmedia creates 100 new media stations for the sections "Nature and Knowledge" , "Heavy Industry" , "Musical Instruments" , "Energy and Transport" and also sets up the museum's media infrastructure.

“Time Machine” for Continental Drift at the Museum of Natural History Vienna

Touch-operated media station 2009

Development and construction of the “time machine” for continental drift at the Museum of Natural History Vienna.

Volcano pump for the Museum of Natural History Vienna

Mechanical media station 2009

checkpointmedia has designed and produced a "volcano pump" for the refurbished Geology Room at the Museum of Natural History Vienna, which was opened in 2009.

Napoleon exhibition on Schallaburg

Media technology 2008

checkpointmedia supplies audio visual equipment for the projection of a battle scene from the film War and Peace for the Napoleon exhibition, “Commander, Emperor and Genius”, at Schallaburg Castle, Lower Austria

Video Equipment for the MUMOK

AV equipment 2008

AV equipment for the temporary exhibitions.

Museum working world Steyr

Media technology 2006

The mechanisms of increasingly complex, international interlacing in production, and the effects of this on work, life and society are explored from the combined perspectives of art and science. checkpointmedia was responsible for planning and implementing the museum's media technology, including numerous large-scale projections.

Exhibition "Between Heaven and Earth - Mozart's Sacred Music"

Media station for the Dommuseum 2006

checkpointmedia adapts a media station that presents pictures relating to Mozart's work as a rear projection.

Mozarthaus Vienna

Media installations 2006

The audio-visual installations in the Mozarthaus are inspired by media techniques and "wonder worlds" from Mozart's time: the installation on the topic of “Figaro” combines the principle of old puzzle dice games with modern aesthetics and video technology. The grand finale is the multimedia homage to Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute": a stage set made of scenery, projections and lighting effects showing a short version of "The Magic Flute" as virtual "mirror opera" from 1791 until the present day.

Telescope for the Sattler panorama in Salzburg

Installation 2005

Alongside the "Time/Reading Glass" installation with which the Salzburg of 1829 can be compared to the city of today, checkpointmedia creates a telescope for viewing the restored Sattler painting of Salzburg.

Liechtenstein Museum, Vienna

Info screens and organisation tool 2005

checkpointmedia created an intranet tool for the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna for organising use of the museum’s rooms.

Museum of Natural History Vienna

Shark Hall 2005

The large new shark display case with remarkably realistic exhibits and an underwater simulation with shifting light and sound effects has been one of the museum‘s highlights ever since it was opened.

Sattler Panorama media installations

Salzburg Museum 2005

The Sattler Panorama, completed in 1829 and presented in a mobile rotunda, became a pan-European attraction. Supplemented by an interactive module, the original panorama is now once again open to the public at the Salzburg Museum. Looking through a "time/reading glass", visitors can move a screen continuously over an image of the Sattler Panorama and alternate between 1829 and the present day in the selected section.

Fritz Grünbaum exhibition

Theatre Museum Vienna 2005

Following its success with the Hans Moser exhibition, checkpointmedia is responsible for planning and installing the audio elements of the Fritz Grünbaum exhibition.

Hans Moser exhibition

Austrian Theatre Museum 2004

The exhibition “Hans Moser” (2004) on the popular Austrian actor and virtual national institution was one of the most successful exhibitions ever held in the Austrian Theatre Museum.

Technisches Museum Wien

Event technology for the festival hall 2004

The event technology in the festival hall of the Technisches Museum Wien is updated to meet current requirements

"Johann Michael Rottmayr" exhibition in the Dommuseum, Salzburg

Media stations 2004

Media station for the "Johann Michael Rottmayr" exhibition from 7 May to 31 October 2004. For the exhibition at the Dommuseum in Salzburg (7 May to 31 October 2004) checkpointmedia adapted a media station that presented the artist's paintings as a rear projection.

Children‘s Museum Graz

Media technology 2003

The Children's Museum "Frida und Fred" in Graz creates a world in which children are in charge. checkpointmedia was responsible for the audio visual systems in the exhibition and discovery area and the hardware and sound environment in the auditorium.