Vienna Boys' Choir

New online appeal for donations 2015

The Vienna Boys' Choir launches a new online appeal for donations.
checkpointmedia created the responsive website for the appeal. On the site, financial donations can now be made to the historic Choir.

Natural History Museum Vienna

Online tickets 2013

Visitors to the Natural History Museum Vienna can now buy their tickets online.


Website 2013

checkpointmedia creates the new Schlagerfreunde website.

MuTh – The Concert Hall of the Vienna Boys’ Choir

Website 2012

checkpointmedia is responsible for the technical implementation of a new website for the MuTh.

ZOOM Kindermuseum

Improved booking system 2012

On its first day online, the booking system enhanced by checkpointmedia registers approximately 14,000 ticket bookings.

Shop for Gross Winery

Webshop 2011

checkpointmedia is responsible for the technical implementation of the online shop which, besides an attractive presentation of the product range, also features a variety of filter criteria that help customers find the wine they are looking for (vineyard wines, red wines etc.).

Shop for the Vienna Boys' Choir

Webshop 2010

The website of the Vienna Boys' Choir has been administered by checkpointmedia for many years. In 2010 a webshop was added.

Österreichisches Filmmuseum (Austrian Film Museum)

Website 2008

Design and creation of website for the Österreichische Filmmuseum.

Stiftung Kindertraum (Children's Dream Foundation)

Website 2007

Creation of a website with project administration tool.