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2003 x

Programme planning tool for TW1

Database application 2003

With the programme planning tool for TW1, weekly TV listings can be planned internally and presented externally on the TW1 website. The data is stored in a relational database system. The tool was created by checkpointmedia.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Redesign 2003 2003

With "Crystaloscope", a meditation room has been created in which the audio-visual scenario provides a counterpoint to other attractions in the Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

Diagonale 2003

Website 2003

Website and online film submission for the Diagonale 2007.

Henkel quarterly reports

genesto online interim reports 2003

Creation of quarterly reports for the German concern Henkel using genesto, the special tool for publishing online reports.

Telekom Austria AG quarterly reports

genesto online company report 2003

Creation of quarterly reports for Telekom Austria AG using genesto, the special tool for publishing online annual reports.  

Red Bull Hangar-7

Multimedia 2003

The multimedia installations produced by checkpointmedia for the Red Bull "high-tech entertainment area", reflect the fact that the building has multiple uses.

Innsbruck University Hospital

Website 2003

The website for the University Hospital for Accident Surgery and Sports Traumatology in Innsbruck offers patients, visitors, doctors and students abroad spectrum of information and a clear presentation of the range of services available.

Children‘s Museum Graz

Media technology 2003

The Children's Museum "Frida und Fred" in Graz creates a world in which children are in charge. checkpointmedia was responsible for the audio visual systems in the exhibition and discovery area and the hardware and sound environment in the auditorium.

Technisches Museum Wien

Re-equipping of audio stations 2003

checkpointmedia installs a new control unit for 12 audio stations for the Technisches Museum Wien. The output of any CD player can now be used as source signal, making it much easier to sevice the stations.

Viennese coffee houses website

Favourite cafés and typical Viennese atmosphere online 2003

To coincide with "Coffee Day" on October 1, Viennese coffee houses are presenting themselves online. The website was commissioned by the "Association of Viennese Coffee Houses", and it invites everybody to take a little time and imbibe a little Viennese sociability.

On Witches and Sorcerers

Concept for a permanent exhibition in Hohenwerfen Castle 2003

checkpointmedia develops the concept for the planned permanent exhibition "Von Hexen und Zauberern" ("On Witches and Sorcerers"), as commissioned by Hohenwerfen Castle.

Red Bull Hangar-7 Opening

Pilot’s case and airline tickets for the guests 2003

On 22 August 2003 Red Bull opened its stunning Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport. Red Bull was presented in the style of a 1950s' airline with the aid of a lavish set of printed material.

Red Bull Hangar-7 opening

The Salzburg Festival and Red Bull present a spectacular evening of culture 2003

On 22 February 2003 Red Bull opened its amazing Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport. checkpointmedia was responsible for the planning and installation of the entire audio-visual equipment, the multimedia attractions and the website.

Architects Peichl & Partner

Website 2003

The first website for the architects Peichl & Partner provides information on current and completed projects. checkpointmedia developed the concept and design and was responsible for the programming.

Telekom Austria AG Sustainability Report 2002

genesto online sustainability report 2003

Creation of the sustainability report for 2002 for Telekom Austria AG using genesto, the special tool for publishing online annual reports.

Und Monastery, Krems

Website 2003

Website for the former monastery, which is now used as a venue for events.

New website of checkpointmedia

Website 2003

The graphics and content of checkpointmedia's website were updated to reflect the company's growth with special attention being paid to a clear design and layout for quick and easy orientation and optimised usability.

Und Monastery

Exhibition, presentation, installation 2003

Top-quality presentation technology with a multi-purpose stage, a programmed sound and lighting system and an audio visual installation that plays around the baroque architecture to striking effect.

Red Bull Hangar-7

Website 2003

With Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport, Red Bull has established a unique location for events and eating out. Having created the multimedia attractions for Hangar-7 and supplied ideas for the opening ceremony, checkpointmedia has now also produced the website.

Centropa - website extension

Website 2003

This extension phase focuses particularly on upgrading the functionality of the Centropa database. Much of the content is being updated and the design modified to meet the new requirements.

RWE interim reports

genesto online interim reports 2003

Creation of quarterly reports for the German concern RWE AG using genesto, the special tool for publishing online reports.

Exhibition "Archbishop Paris Lodron" in Dommuseum Salzburg

Installation 2003

For the exhibition "Archbishop Paris Lodron (1619-1653), Statesman between War and Peace", checkpointmedia designed and installed a complex projection installation and an information display for the entrance hall of the Salzburg Dommuseum.

Arche Nova - mini greenhouse for the home

Website 2003

Arche Nova is the miniature greenhouse for the home. It takes up no more room than an aquarium but has six times more space for cultivation. Inserts with a selection of vegetables can be ordered online and arranged in this "hothouse" in any order. Watering, lighting and fertilizing are fully automatic.

checkpointmedia supplied the website for this innovative idea.

AUA Annual Report 2002

genesto online annual report 2003

Creation of the annual report for 2002 for Austrian Airlines using genesto, the special tool for publishing online reports.