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Interest rate calculator 2006

checkpointmedia equips IngDiba with an online interest calculator.

Dividend calculator for Vienna Airport's IR page

Web Application 2006

On Vienna Airport's Investor Relations page a tool has been added that calculates the dividends expected for shareholders.

Brochure for BuPP

Print production 2006

checkpointmedia designs and produces a comprehensive marketing package for the BuPP (Federal Office for Positive Rating of Computer and Console Games) which includes the creation of the website and an information DVD as well as the design and production of a booklet and a brochure.

Palais Epstein

Website 2006

checkpointmedia designs and develops the website for Palais Epstein with information on building history, the Epstein family and Jewish Vienna, and the subsequent varied history of the house.

Vienna Airport shopping and restaurants

Website 2006

checkpointmedia creates a new section on shopping and gastronomy for the website of Vienna International Airport.

Palais Epstein

Exhibition 2006

Five media stations equipped with high-format 30-inch screens enabled visitors to call up texts, pictures, graphics, animation films and short video clips. One animation film showed "Owners and utilisation of the buildings on the Ringstrasse in 1914", another provided an overview of the inhabitants of the Palais Epstein building complex during the last century. A special station was developed with information about the Epstein family, with a family tree interface and a family tree animation film.

Vienna Boys' Choir

Website 2006

The Vienna Boys' Choir manage their website and announcements of forthcoming events using the checkpointmedia content management system.

Diagonale 2006

Website 2006

Website and online film submission for the Diagonale 2006

ING-DiBa Austria

Website 2006

Using the JART 3.0 Content Management System checkpointmedia creates the website in line with the new international ING-DiBa CI criteria. One of the foremost considerations is the stringent security requirements of a website for the field of online banking.

Practice of Dr. Elvira Salomonowitz

Creation of a new information website 2006

A comprehensive information website is created at for the dental practice of Dr. Elvira Salomonowitz.

IT-SC website update

Website 2006

checkpointmedia again relaunches the IT-SC website.

ZOOM children’s museum

Website Relaunch 2006

A separate zone especially for adults has been developed and installed for the website of the ZOOM children’s museum in Vienna’s Museumsquartier.

EURO PLAZA office park Vienna

Website 2006

checkpointmedia takes on the task of creating a top-quality internet presence. Besides a wealth of information on available facilities and current construction projects for tenants and others interested in superior office space, the site also offers numerous services such as reservation of the EURO PLAZA conference centre.

Immoeast AG Annual Report 2005/2006

genesto online annual report 2006

Creation of the company report for 2005/2006 for Immoeast AG using genesto, the special tool for publishing online reports.

Immofinanz AG Annual Report 2005/2006

genesto online annual report 2006

Creation of the company report for 2005/2006 for Immofinanz AG using genesto, the special tool for publishing online reports.

Facts & Figures CD-ROM

Vienna International Airport 2006

checkpointmedia produces a CD-ROM in two languages which is not only packed with information on areas of interest such as infrastructure, the development of traffic, the environment, future prospects and past successes but also enables the user to edit the content to suit his or her own needs.

Mensalia Business Consultants

Website 2006

In cooperation with Mensalia, checkpointmedia generates online company reports as part of the genesto joint venture. In 2006 the Mensalia Business Consultants' website was developed and implemented by checkpointmedia for the first time.

Western Union International Bank

Website Germany 2006

checkpointmedia is responsible for the website of the Western Union International Bank in Europe and has now created the latest sub-website for Germany which contains comprehensive information and a full range of service functions.

TW1 Programme planning tool - expansion

Database application 2006

With the programme planning tool for TW1, weekly TV listings can be planned internally and presented externally on the TW1 website. The tool was created in 2003, expanded in 2004 and has now undergone another comprehensive update.

Relaunch of checkpointmedia’s website

Website 2006

The concept and graphic design of checkpointmedia’s website were given a complete overhaul.

Website for the weather channel TW1

Website 2006

TW1 is the television weather channel of the Austrian state broadcaster ORF. After having implemented a programme planning tool for in-house use, checkpointmedia took on the technical implementation of the channel's website. The screen design was supplied by TW1.

Museum working world Steyr

Media technology 2006

The mechanisms of increasingly complex, international interlacing in production, and the effects of this on work, life and society are explored from the combined perspectives of art and science. checkpointmedia was responsible for planning and implementing the museum's media technology, including numerous large-scale projections.

Austrian Directors’ Association

Website Relaunch 2006

Austrian Directors' Association - new website with content management system.

Conference Room Technology for the Lawyers Wolf Theiss

Conference room equipment 2006

checkpointmedia fits out several conference rooms at the legal firm of WOLF THEISS GmbH with media technology.

Austrian Federal Forestry Annual Report 2005/2006

genesto online annual report 2006

Creation of the company report for 2005/2006 for Austrian Federal Forestry using genesto, the special tool for publishing online reports.