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FMS Musicticket

Data interface 2011

Creation of a data interface.

ERSTE Asset Management/Sparinvest

Web consulting 2011

Consulting on web strategies for the firm of ERSTE Asset Management and its subsidiary ERSTE Sparinvest which operates all over Europe.

Conference Rooms for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

Planning of media equipment 2011

Plans are completed for the installation of media equipment in the large conference rooms of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).


Website 2011

The website belonging to the AMA Marketing company and created by checkpointmedia in 2008 has been relaunched. The graphics and content of the site were updated in cooperation with the agency Rock+Partner.

A Peek into Vienna’s Karlskirche

Study for a new visitor route 2011

checkpointmedia conducts a study on the route taken by visitors in one of Vienna's most important tourist attractions.

Interactive Table for OMV

Consulting on interactive design 2011

Consulting on the production of an interactive table for OMV to be used at the "World Gas Conference 2012".

University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Website Art Collection & Archive 2011

checkpointmedia creates the website for the art collection and archive of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Exponatec Cologne

Trade fair presentation 2011

checkpointmedia shares a stand with Auer Woodwork Manufacturers and Cabinet Makers at the International Trade Fair for Museums, Conservation and Heritage.

"Presentation and New Media - 10 Years checkpointmedia: Concepts, Paths, Visions"

book production 2011

checkpointmedia and the challenge of creating multimedia Gesamtkunstwerke : on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, checkpointmedia has invited leading modern-day protagonists to contribute to the current discourse within the areas of media, worlds of experience, communication and the internet.

Silvio Nickol gourmet restaurant Palais Coburg

Media technology and live feed from the kitchen 2011

A comprehensive audio-visual system is set up in the "Silvio Nickol Gourmetrestaurant Palais Coburg", with the aim of of enhancing the sensory delights of the guests' dining experience. Two cameras transmit kitchen operations live on two display screens in the restaurant.

Digital Media Protection Center for Naxi Dongba Culture

Study for a museum project in China 2011

checkpointmedia is commissioned by Odelga Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. with carrying out a feasibility study focusing on the content and technical aspects of the multimedia presentation of Naxi Dongba culture in the province of YuLong, China.

Technisches Museum Wien

Website 2011

checkpointmedia took on the technical implementation of the new website on the basis of a concept and layout provided by Around 200 items from every category have been made accessible to users. All the exhibits can be displayed on a general map of the museum.

Museum of Natural History Vienna

Website 2011

Museum, exhibitions and research - the new website puts the spotlight firmly on the three central pillars of the Museum of Natural History Vienna. checkpointmedia is responsible for consultancy, planning and editing the content and technical implementation with the JART Content Management System.

Wiener Stadtwerke entrance hall

Concept study 2011

checkpointmedia develops several items of lounge furniture for the Wiener Stadtwerke entrance hall; these also function as exhibits and information carriers and together form a corporate museum.

BASF Fractal Field

Media installation concept 2011

A three-dimensional media installation depicts living structures, with a focus on dynamics, movement and transformation.

ERCO Lighting

Media Technology for the ERCO Showroom in Vienna 2011

For the ERCO showroom in Vienna, checkpointmedia  supplies a discreet ambient sound system with a media player and speakers built into the ceiling. One of the system’s advantages is its simple self-running operation.

Volksbank Hamm

Planning of exhibition and events centre 2011

checkpointmedia plans the media technology for the exhibition, as well as the multifunctional infrastructure of the events centre.

EU European Public Space Vienna

Conference room 2011

Media technology for the European Public Space of the European Union (EU) in Vienna.

Gorenje Group Annual Report 2010

genesto online annual report 2011

checkpointmedia is responsible for the technical implementation of the online company report for 2010 - in English and Slovene - using genesto.

Geyrhalter Film

Website relaunch 2011

The NGF website is relaunched by checkpointmedia using JART

Mensalia Business Consultants

Website 2011

Relaunch of the website of the corporate report specialists and checkpointmedia partner Mensalia Business Consultants.

Museum of Natural History Vienna

Concept for the new installation of the Meteorite Gallery 2011

For the new installation of the Meteorite Gallery, a concept was developed in partnership with Arno Grünberger/spurwien to devise a modern method of knowledge transfer that sensitively combines the existing architecture with multimedia elements and exhibits.

Mercator Group Annual Report 2010

genesto online annual report 2011

checkpointmedia is responsible for the technical implementation of the online company report for 2010 - in English and Slovene - using genesto.

Österreichischer Campingclub

Website 2011

The Österreichische Campingclub supplies tips and information on all aspects of camping, has its own travel information service and organises tours for all camping enthusiasts. The new website provides fast access to all these services.

New and revised edition of the OMV CD-ROM

CD-ROM 2011

In 2004, checkpointmedia cooperated with grayling (formerly known as Trimedia) to produce the CD-ROM on "Petroleum and Natural Gas - From Fossil to Fuel" on behalf of the OMV. The contents have now been completely revised and updated in keeping with the latest developments in research and production. The CD-Rom is available in German and English.