The Marshall Plan

Teaching materials for schools 2018

After checkpointmedia had already played a leading role in the great jubilee celebration "70 Years of the Marshall Plan" and had put together an exhibition for this occasion, which could subsequently be seen at various locations in Austria, the materials developed were also to be prepared for teaching purposes and thus made available to schools throughout Austria.

aspern Die Seestadt Wiens

Comprehensive web relaunch 2017

aspern Die Seestadt Wiens, Vienna’s “Laketown”, is currently the biggest urban development project in the whole of Europe. Due for completion in 2028, high-quality housing for over 20,000 people is being created in several phases along with an equal number of jobs.

Renewable Energy

Energy Revolution Fact Check 2015 2015

The Faktencheck Energiewende ("Energy revolution fact check") was published as a website with interactive charts for the first time in 2014. Now the 2015 fact check is available with updated figures.

Austrian Museum of Applied Arts


In cooperation with Peach Kommunikationsagentur (design) and Nous Wissensmanagement (local apps) checkpointmedia developed the new website MAK DESIGN LAB.

Vienna State Opera

Virtual Tour 2013

checkpointmedia creates a virtual tour of the Vienna State Opera. Visitors are given the chance to  explore the opera house on the Ring and the rehearsal stage in the Arsenal.

Essl Museum – Contemporary Art

Website relaunch 2013

The website of the Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg was relaunched with a completely new look by checkpointmedia.

ELIN Motoren GmbH

Website 2013

checkpointmedia creates a website for ELIN Motoren GmbH, as commissioned by Linzer SPS Marketing GmbH.

WIFO – Austrian Institute of Economic Research Vienna

Website relaunch & mobile version 2013

checkpointmedia gives the website of the Austrian Institute of Economic Research a new look and produces an additional mobile version.


Mobile version of the website 2013

checkpointmedia creates the new mobile version of the Albertina website.

Österreichische Post AG

Annual Report 2012 2013

checkpointmedia produces the online business report of Österreichische Post AG.


Website 2013

checkpointmedia creates the new Schlagerfreunde website.

Galerie base-level

Website relaunch 2012

checkpointmedia redesigns the website for the Galerie base-level in Vienna.

Vienna Boys’ Choir

Upgrade of the existing website 2012

The website of the Vienna Boys’ Choir, programmed 12 years ago by checkpointmedia and expanded in 2006, is continually being upgraded.

Erste Asset Management

Website Relaunch 2012

checkpointmedia is responsible for the concept, graphics layout and creation of the HTML templates for the new Erste Asset Management website.

MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art

Website Relaunch 2012

checkpointmedia is responsible for the technical concept and implementation of the new MAK website.

ZOOM Kindermuseum

Improved booking system 2012

On its first day online, the booking system enhanced by checkpointmedia registers approximately 14,000 ticket bookings.

Vienna Airport

Update of the Interactive Airport Map 2012

Together with Vienna Airport, checkpointmedia carries  out an update of the interactive airport map which is now available on both the website and mobile terminals.

Vienna International Airport

Update of the football betting game for the intranet 2012

checkpointmedia carries out a comprehensive update of the intranet betting game "Intra-Wett " for the 2012 European Championship for the staff at Vienna Airport.

Vienna International Airport

Intranet relaunch 2012

Vienna Airport and checkpointmedia carry out the relaunch of the intranet. The focus is on optimizing the intranet as a working and communications tool.

Austro Control

Website relaunch 2012

checkpointmedia relaunches the Austro Control website with a comprehensive advanced database and additional service features.

Österreichisches Filmmuseum (Austrian Film Museum)

Online presentation of the magazine collection 2012

checkpointmedia compiles a database with full search and display functions for internet users for the Austrian Film Museum's collection of magazines.

FMS Skalarmusic

Website 2010

Creation of an administration database as well as a website for the music programme platform.

ERSTE Asset Management/Sparinvest

Web consulting 2011

Consulting on web strategies for the firm of ERSTE Asset Management and its subsidiary ERSTE Sparinvest which operates all over Europe.

175 years Bertelsmann

Website 2010

A web-based multimedia chronicle is created by checkpointmedia, providing access (in some instances for the first time ever) to a great number of texts, images, audio and film records from the Bertelsmann archives.

Die Ganze Woche - "Dippler" Game

Flash game 2010

checkpointmedia is responsible for the concept, graphics and development of the flash game “Dippler” for the website of the magazine Die Ganze Woche.