Mozart‘s "Waltz Dice Game"

Haus der Musik 2002

Two special tables recognize melodies determined by the dice games being played on their surfaces by visitors: there are over 1.2 million possible melodies. A projection shows the visitors what they have "composed": both sound and image appear in real time.

Kunsthalle Leoben

Outdoor sound collage 2002

checkpointmedia produces an outdoor sound collage on the "Golden Horde".

DVD of the highlights of the New Year's Day Concert 2002

Haus der Musik 2002

In an imaginary concert room in the Haus der Musik visitors were able to experience highlights of the 2002 New Year's Day Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic in superb sound quality. The new DVD of the concert is produced every year by checkpointmedia.

Hippolab for the Museum of Natural History Vienna

Media station 2002

With the "horse machine" (Hippolab) it becomes possible to watch evolution as it happens. The development of the horse is shown in four stages using animated sequences.

Concert room for the Museum of the Vienna Philharmonic

Haus der Musik 2002

checkpointmedia plans and installs the technology and audiovisuals for a concert room in the Museum of the Vienna Philharmonic in the Haus der Musik.