Vienna Parliament Visitor Centre

Multimedia to convey knowledge 2005

The visitors' centre at the Austrian Parliament, created by architects Geiswinkler & Geiswinkler, represents an opening up to the outside world and provides a gathering point for tourists and interested citizens.

Automatic multimedia/mechanical wall installation for IT-SC

Media installation 2005

In the entrance hall an automatic multimedia/mechanical wall installation entertains the visitors while they wait. A mobile multimedia/mechanical trade fair terminal provides additional information on IT-SC's business activities. Synchronization with the website ensures that the information is always up-to-date.

"House of Locusts"

Schönbrunn Zoo 2005

On October 18, 2005, zoo director Pechlaner opened the "House of Locusts" in Schönbrunn Zoo. checkpointmedia created two installations, one of which allows visitors to hear the chirping of native locusts in front of a wall of light while the other presents an impressive display of themswarming around.

Illwerke’s "energie.raum"

Information centre 2005

checkpointmedia creates the "kraft.raum" ( in which video and sound impressions on eight different themes related to Illwerke are presented.

Liechtenstein Museum, Vienna

Info screens and organisation tool 2005

checkpointmedia created an intranet tool for the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna for organising use of the museum’s rooms.

Sattler Panorama media installations

Salzburg Museum 2005

The Sattler Panorama, completed in 1829 and presented in a mobile rotunda, became a pan-European attraction. Supplemented by an interactive module, the original panorama is now once again open to the public at the Salzburg Museum. Looking through a "time/reading glass", visitors can move a screen continuously over an image of the Sattler Panorama and alternate between 1829 and the present day in the selected section.


Hardware development by checkpointmedia 2005

Mass-produced equipment is not always suitable for meeting special requirements. This is why checkpointmedia also develops its own technical components like Hapticontrol.