• Concept creation and creative design
  • Didactics, dramatization, signposting systems
  • Script-writing, editing, content development and management
  • Top-level artistic design
  • Specifications for invitations to tender
  • Quote evaluation
  • Compilation of criteria for decision-making
  • Preparation of project implementation as main contractor
From the idea to a workable concept checkpointmedia offers concept, content development and technical planning for museums, exhibitions, visitor centres and information centres.

It is the preparation and presentation of content in a way that is ideally suited to the particular target group and, more especially, to the subject matter that allows the checkpointmedia team to display their artistic qualities. The project is often implemented in close cooperation with curators, architects, scientists and artists. The large number of successfully completed projects provides ample evidence of our ability to meet this challenge.

Although we make use of these specialist skills primarily in commissioned projects that we ourselves supervise we are also happy to provide them in a consulting capacity if required.

Funeral Museum at Vienna Central Cemetery


On 8/10/2014 the newly built museum opened underneath the viewing room Aufbahrungshalle II with a wealth of new exhibits and multimedia elements.

"Erste-Campus-Schauplatz" for Erste Group

Visitor centre for Erste Group’s new headquarters 2012

Visitor centre for Erste Group’s new headquarters

BASF Fractal Field

Media installation concept 2011

A three-dimensional media installation depicts living structures, with a focus on dynamics, movement and transformation.

Exhibition "90 years of the Salzburg Festival"

"The Great World Theatre" 2010

In 2010, the Salzburg Festival celebrated its 90th anniversary. A traditional style exhibition with panels, objects and models seemed inadequate for presenting the sheer variety of artistic brilliance. Consequently, the displays and texts were "fanned out" to reflect the scope of the Festival's history.

Mozarthaus Vienna

Media installations 2006

The audio-visual installations in the Mozarthaus are inspired by media techniques and "wonder worlds" from Mozart's time: the installation on the topic of “Figaro” combines the principle of old puzzle dice games with modern aesthetics and video technology. The grand finale is the multimedia homage to Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute": a stage set made of scenery, projections and lighting effects showing a short version of "The Magic Flute" as virtual "mirror opera" from 1791 until the present day.

Red Bull Hangar-7

Multimedia 2003

The multimedia installations produced by checkpointmedia for the Red Bull "high-tech entertainment area", reflect the fact that the building has multiple uses.

Multimedia State Prize 2006

Category Prize for Visitors' Centre at Austria's parliament 2006

checkpointmedia received the Multimedia State Prize in the category "Public Information and Services" for the Visitors' Centre at Austria's parliament.

Mozarthaus Vienna

Multimedia State Prize 2006 2006

checkpointmedia has been awarded the State Prize for Multimedia 2006 in the category “Culture and Entertainment” for the Mozarthaus Vienna.

Red Bull "Mayday Bar"

Vienna/Berlin: checkpointmedia wins the ninth German Multimedia Award 2003

Vienna/Berlin: checkpointmedia wins the ninth German Multimedia Award